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Every Saturday we meet in our group to experience new adventures. The activity follows a common thread and a motto. We play, do crafts, go on scavenger hunts, learn how to tie knots, cook together, do post runs. Knowledge about first aid is also imparted in the Scouts. It's a great way to make new friends and learn a lot of new things.

There are no activities during school holidays and public holidays. There you will also find ourscamp instead of. Or your leaders visit oneTraining camp – or can relax :)


Family challenge

The Family Challenge takes place every year. It's not just you, the sparks, wolves and scouts who take part in the activity.Together with your parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and girlfriends and everyone who has what it takes for a real competition takes part. In your family team you compete against the others and face various challenges: various tasks, puzzles and games await you. You collect points. And you can find out what you can do with them on site!

Our glossary is created here!

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